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Events -Training Sessions/ Practice/Games

Phoenix Basketball League - Fall

Starts on October 10-2020

Note: Audience will be allowed with required protocols (Social Distancing with Face Masks). Click to read the COVID-19 Protocol

League Rules & Regulations

League Game Schedule

Location: Royal Crown Academic School
4620 Finch Avenue East,
Scarborouh. ON

Category    Date                   Time            Opponent Team     Location

U17            OCT-10-2020    01:00 EDT     Phoenix Elite         RCAS

U17            OCT-10-2020    03:20 EDT     WC2P*                    RCAS

U17            OCT-24-2020    11:10 EDT     H-Elite                    TBD

U15            OCT-25-2020    05:55 EDT      Vanguard*             TBD

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